The human side of management by thomas teal

Reading List Although there is a lot of power in using microservices and reactive models, they bring with them the uncertainty of not knowing where things stand at any point in time. Message-driven systems can lead developers to often wonder about seemingly simple questions: Concepts of uncertainty, especially regarding communication between bounded contexts, need to become part of the ubiquitous language.

The human side of management by thomas teal

In a unique deployment of resources, last week NOAA Ship Fairweather split its scientific team and vessels to tackle two distinct projects in Alaska.

Coast Survey physical scientist Katrina Wyllie and Lt. Bart Buesseler report on the multi-mission projects. The science team accomplishes this with acoustic data from multibeam, single beam, and side scan sonars.

Understanding the value of acoustic backscatter as a habitat-defining character will help scientists understand where fish live and the importance of different habitats. The acoustic data will also be used to correct for differences in the performance of research bottom trawls on different seafloor types, so that stock assessments and fishery management can be improved.

To make sure the scientists understand what the acoustic data are showing, each day the ship will stop and collect physical bottom samples of the seafloor to see, touch, and interpret their findings. The green lines will be surveyed at a later date. Before departing Dutch Harbor, Fairweather deployed a shore team with the four survey launches to stay in Dutch Harbor and address some critical navigation needs identified by the port.

Although its location is remote, the port of Dutch Harbor is a vibrant and bustling port serving full-size container ships.

The human side of management by thomas teal

With the increase in commerce flowing into and out of the harbor, local maritime pilots asked Coast Survey navigation manager Lt. Timothy Smith for updated nautical charts to improve the safety of maritime traffic. Additionally, Fairweather had previously surveyed small high priority areas in orange areas.

Fairweather then transits back to Kodiak, Alaska, for a scheduled inport and well deserved break before hydrographic survey operations resume in the vicinity of Sitkalidak Strait. Bart Buesseler review multibeam bathymetry data in the shore team base of operations room.

Launch crews hold morning safety meeting at the pier.The color(s) teal, black, and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. Description of Mark The mark consists of a stylized teal letter "p" with round edges, a horizontal white crescent hollow shape inside, outlined along the right side with a thin white line and strip in a darker shade of teal; and the wording "Palcho" in black stylized font.

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