The evolution of windows operating system

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The evolution of windows operating system

The Evolution of Protected Processes Part 1: Pass-the-Hash Mitigations in Windows 8. It appears that Microsoft took a long, hard look at the mechanism granted, an impenetrable user-mode process can have interesting security benefits — if we can get DRM out of the picturecreating a new class of process yet again: This data includes information such as secrets, saved plain-text passwords, and more.

A process called the Local Security Authority LSASS manages the run-time state of this information, and is ultimately responsible for all logon operations including remote logon over Active Directory. Therefore, in order to obtain access to this data, two primary mechanisms are used: This mechanism has disadvantages in that the storage formats can change, detailed registry knowledge is needed, and LSASS will often obfuscate much of the data such as plain-text cached passwords.

Tools now exist today to not only pass-the-hashbut to also pass-the-pass.

The evolution of windows operating system

In a default Windows 8 installation, both the local user account password, as well as the Microsoft Live Services password, is available in a plaintext-retrievable way. And of course, in a shared computer environment, another admin on the machine can get the passwords of all the users.

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Run Mimikatz or other pass-the-hash attacks and they still work out-of-the-box. But on a Windows 8. The title of this blog post gives it away: Pos 4, 4 Bits Where type can be one of the following: Once a process is in the PPL state, all the protections in my previous blog post are in effect — the system protects both types of protected processes in the same way, preventing any handle open for all but a few limited rights.

Additionally, the memory manager will prevent loading of DLLs that are not signed appropriately, using the Code Integrity improvements in Windows 8 that I covered in my talk at BreakPoint last year — something I plan to revisit in this blog at a later time.


Enabling the Pass-the-Hash Mitigation Now that we know about this improvement to the security architecture, how can one take advantage of it on a non-RT Windows 8. By looking at the updated flow of Wininit.

Clicking on any of the linked function names will reveal Hex-Rays output to match this flow. As a side note, is this all you need to launch as process as protected light — a protection level in a new attribute? Obviously, this means that Smss. You could call this a user-mode protected chain of trust.

Should you run off and set that registry key? Additionally, LSASS has a number of extensibility points, some used as ASEPs by attackers, others used legitimately to provide enhanced security or cryptographic services. In certain IT scenarios, this can be a catastrophic compatibility problem, no doubt why Microsoft has chosen to keep this disabled for now.

In fact, you can even re-install Windows 8. Outside of active-key-monitoring shenanigans which some parts of the kernel do employ, mostly licensingnot much. And definitely an offline attacker will have no problem editing the hive directly unless BitLocker is also active. What prevents a user from simply deleting this variable, or setting it to zero?

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An impressive security boundary, to say the least. Conclusion At the end of the day, what does running as PPL really mean for your system? This entry was posted on Friday, November 22nd, at 3: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Evolution of Windows: The Complete History of Windows Operating System September 1, by Mahesh Dabade 15 Comments “Its fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to the heed lessons of failure”, a quote by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is very much enough to describe the history of Windows Operating System.

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The story of human evolution told through the lens of three healing arts that span our history. We began as migratory hunter gatherers. The Evolution of Microsoft Windows Operating System Amit kumar August 19, We all know that Microsoft Windows Operating System is the most popular and most used operating systems in Desktop and laptop computers.

Windows and were the first versions of Windows made. These versions of Windows were just to add a visual guide to DOS. The logo ressemble the Windows 8, and 10 logo. Support ended on December 31, Windows was the version that made Windows popular because it .

The Evolution of Microsoft Windows Operating System