Sparta essay conclusion

This essay will tell more about the differences than the similarities. I'll start with the similarities.

Sparta essay conclusion

Sparta Civilization Intro The Spartans were a legendary civilization. They are remembered today for their culture and war by books, stories, comics, movies and many other medias. The Spartans were known for their bravery and war tactics.

Sparta essay conclusion

They had many memorable battle as well as many famous heroes and kings. On the flip side, they had a rich society with the arts playing a viable role. With women being equal to men and newborns being left for dead so only the strongest can survive.

All in all, Sparta was a wonderful culture that deserves to be told about once more. Sparta was the capital of Laconia and it was apart of ancient Greece. There are stories on who founded Sparta. One mythical story is about an ancient Greek god by the name of Lacedaemon, who was a son of the great Zeus.

King Leonidas from the movie 300

They tell that this god was the founder of ancient Sparta. Another more sensible theory was that ancient Greek settlers, called the Dorians, took the lands from the people that lived there and made it Sparta.

Sparta essay conclusion

This part of the Peloponnese, a peninsula south of Greece, was a strategic wonderment. It was surrounded my mountains and the only real way to get into Sparta was going through a rough pass called the Langada Pass, which was on Mount Taygetus.

One of these neighboring places was Messenia. After twenty years of fighting, Sparta finally won the First Messenia War after taking the stronghold of Ithome. The Messenians were made to pay half of what they produced on their homeland to their new subjugators, the Spartans.

After the Second Messenia War, the people of Messenia were crushed yet again and made into helots. The rest of the Peloponnese, like Argos and Arcadia, did not like this expansion to much. These were the last super powers in the Greek states. Tegea, a powerful Arcadia city, was next on the list for conquering.

After all this time and reigns, Tegea was finally conquered and they were forced to recognize that Sparta was a force. They kept their independence while Sparta looked at Argos as its next conquest.

C, Sparta gained control over Cynuria; a place they tried so long to take. When the Persian Wars were starting, most of the other Greek states looked at for Sparta for support or recognized they were the most powerful state.

When Darius came trying to expand his empire, Sparta sent around soldiers to aid Athens against the Persian army. When Xerxes came ten years later after Darius, Sparta took up a more active role.

King Leonidas with his famous Spartan soldiers defended Thermopylae against Xerxes huge armies. Athens was starting to gain more control over the Spartan empire after some trouble.

Mounting tensions in the Greek states lead to the First Peloponnesian War. In the year B. C, there was a five year truce. In the years B. C, the Second Peloponnesian War broke out to see who could gain the most wealth. Sparta did not want to get into the conflict but was forced by their allied because they were the head of the Delian League.

With many defeats and good luck, in B. C they were able to capture Athens. More trouble brewed for Sparta as the other Greek states wanted to take their supremacy. One of them finally did. Thebes finally defeated the Spartan army and killed their king at the time, King Cleombrotus.

Sparta lost pieces of its empire by losing Messenia and Arcadia to Thebes. A man by the name of Epaminondas led the expedition to retake control over that peninsula. Epaminondas died in battle and Sparta neither had the manpower nor the money to regain its lost ground.Most information comes from myths and Homer's works such as the Illiad and the Odyssey.

In myths, Sparta was said to have been formed by Lacedaemon, son of Zeus and Tygete. Sparta married Lacedaemon and formed the city-state Sparta. In Homer's tales, Sparta is described as the territory between Mount Taygotos and Parnen.

During BC.3/5(3). ` From what we know about ancient Sparta, it was one of the more powerful city-states in Greece. Everything in the Spartan culture revolved around the military. Sparta retained its power through the Persian war and its war with Athens.3/5(3).

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Sparta: strong, fierce, striving. sparta Essays | See the List of Sample Papers For Free - Bla Bla Writing. Conclusion This WebQuest was to help you draw your own comparisons and contrasts between the cultures of the two major city-states of Ancient Greece. Athens and Sparta had a major impact on the Greek world.

Sparta & Athens - Essay