Setting up a business coursework

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Setting up a business coursework

Every school is required to carry out regular risk assessments of the premises and activities to identify any hazards in advance, but all members of staff should also be aware that risk assessment is an ongoing process, and that they must remain vigilant and report any potential hazards to the Health and safety officer.

Each school must put in place its own Health and safety policy and ensure that all staff are trained in its Setting up a business coursework All staff should take ownership for, not just their own safety, but also ensuring that their actions, or lack of action, does not cause harm or danger to others e.

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If safety equipment is provided, the staff must ensure it is used at all times e. All equipment used within schools should meet recognized standards of safety. This can usually be checked by ensuring that the product displays on of the following safety symbols The Kitemark shows that the product has been tested and meets the appropriate British Standard.

The CE mark should also have the name and address of the original supplier and shows that the product has been tested and meets the appropriate European standards The Lion mark is used by members of the British Toy and Hobby Association as a symbol of toy safety and quality for the consumers.

As well as ensuring that the equipment meets the required safety standards, it should be age and ability appropriate to the people using it, and regularly checked to make sure that it is still in good repair, and fit for purpose.

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The Health and Safety First Aid Regulations This covers issues including the provision of appropriate first aid equipment, and the appropriate number of first aiders.

The Electricity at Work Regulations This requires the employer to assess and minimize any risks when working with electricity or electrical equipment. The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations This sets out the guidelines surrounding completion of risk assessments by the employer.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations This sets out the guidance on minimizing the risks associated with lifting, carrying etc. The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, Under this act, employers are responsible for reporting certain types of incidents, accidents or illnesses to the Health and Safety Executive, or the local authority: Schools must have a policy in place for reporting these events.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations These regulations set out the minimum standards required for the use of equipment at work.

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The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations The Education School Premises Regulations The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations The employer is responsible for protecting health by taking an effective measure to control and minimize exposure to hazardous substances which may cause injury or ill health.

These products all have written risk assessments on them, and they must be followed, e.A portfolio consisting of the out of class exercises and a reflective review of how the course has influenced the understanding of setting up a business. case-study Company Law Case Study On Setting Up A Business Company Law Case Study Case study assignments are a detailed investigation done on specific individuals or organizations using disciplinary knowledge of a particular subject.

Setting up a Company This essay will be based on advice on setting up a company under the Companies Act (a legislation which relates to company law), also benefits of a company, types, and differences. Theories Used When Setting Up a New Business When setting up a new business many business theories have to be considered and thought about.

To enable a successful business set up.

Setting up a business coursework

10 advantages of setting up a limited company. If you decide a limited company is right for your new business, check out how Inform Direct can help you start your limited company the easy way. Your article has helped so much in my Business GCSE Coursework and Exams.

Thank you! 🙂. Start Your Own Business Aims: It is important to plan in advance of setting up a business. Preparation is the single most important thing you can do to ensure your fledging business .

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