Sample of burmese writing abc

If you are just starting out with this site, and teaching children English using songs, please take a few minutes and read through this page. I hope it will give you enough information to get started, and give you the tools to make your lessons great! You can get everything you need from the Dream English website for free to begin teaching English to children.

Sample of burmese writing abc

Reviewed relationship between area of Parallelograms and Triangles from Gr. What I Think strategy modelled in class.

sample of burmese writing abc

Explain the steps you will use to solve the problem. Short check-up tomorrow - Area of triangles and parallelograms with formulas Book talks: Update info page content: Make sure you are starting your cue cards for practice.

Bring in a package with nutritional information for tomorrow! Today we worked on seeing the relationship between two congruent trapezoids forming a parallelogram Book talk presentations begin Monday.

Communicate your presentation date with your parents! Bring food label package due tomorrow! If you have not finished your monochromatic painting come to second recess to finish!!! Booktalk presentations continue tomorrow December 5 Booktalk presentations continue tomorrow.

Thanks to those who presented today! We travel to help out with the Salvation Army Food Drive 8: We had a 50 minute period to work on the rough draft today.

Tomorrow, please have rough copy typed and double spaced as we will be doing a peer collaboration revision session. Descriptive Paragraphs December 6 Booktalk presentations continue tomorrow. Walking to Mall tomorrow to help with Salvation Army Food drive. Make sure you have proper warm clothes! The walk is minutes.

We had our peer collaboration time today looking at rough drafts. For those who did not have that complete, you need to get caught up tonight Math: Mysteries of Harris Burdick Once peer collaboration has been completed: Measurement Test next Thursday practice page Learning the basics of the English language.

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