Pebble project

Geography[ edit ] The Pebble prospect is in a remote, wild, and generally uninhabited part of the Bristol Bay watershed. The deposit area is characterized by relatively flat land dotted by glacial ponds, interspersed with isolated mountains or ranges of hills rising one or two thousand feet above the flats. This part of the Kahiltna terrane is dominated by Late Triassic basaltandesite and sedimentary rocks overlain by Jurassic-Cretaceous andesitic turbidites. Cretaceous granitic intrusive activity was widespread in the Kahiltna terrane.

Pebble project

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Many thought the project had been defeated inbut make no mistake, Pebble Mine is still very alive. Take it away, Scott! Salmon Returns Worth Protecting was a very odd season for salmon runs around the State of Alaska. In most places, the returns were down and below projections.

Pebble Project – Div. of Mining, Land, and Water

Fisheries professionals will be studying the data to attempt to determine the cause of the low returns. But, in a year of disappointment in many other locales, Bristol Pebble project experienced record numbers of sockeye returning to its river systems — showcasing all the more reason that this one-of-a-kind resource must be protected.

The commercial harvest of Record returns were set in the Nushagak and Togiak districts, with the Nushagak total run being a remarkable The return for the Naknek-Kvichak district was also strong, at The Pebble Mine has been in the collective awareness of the fly fishing community for over 10 years now.

Pebble project

Many people thought that the fight had been won back inwhen the U. Before the proposed restrictions could be finalized, the lawsuit had dragged on long enough that the elections delivered a surprise.

Once that permit process began, Pebble became more than a hypothetical threat. A few of the significant pieces of the proposal include: A natural gas pipeline nearly miles in length. A megawatt power plant.

Pebble project

A Year-round ice-breaking barge to cross Lake Iliamna. Part of the nearly mile private transportation corridor from the deepwater port to the mine site.

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A 15 square mile development footprint. Billions of gallons of wastewater. All of which will be needing to be discharged annually, with one discharge site located at the North Fork of the Koktuli River tributary to the Mulchatna River, and eventually the Nushagak.

An operating schedule of two hour shifts per day, days per year for an initial period of 20 years. Northern Dynasty thought they had found a financial lifeline in the form of a proposed agreement with Canadian mining firm First Quantum Minerals. But, First Quantum declined to finalize that agreement, leaving Northern Dynasty a jilted bride standing at the altar, joining the ranks of Mitsubishi, Rio Tinto, and Anglo American as global mining companies that have backed out of the Pebble Mine project.

Permitting Process So Far Unfortunately, and seemingly acting on a politically-driven timeline, the Army Corps has been moving at breakneck speed with the announced intention of having a Record of Decision issued in early … before the next Presidential election. Army Corps has been aggressively advancing this process, some would argue in the absence of an actual complete application from Pebble.Jan 27,  · In this July 13, file photo, workers with the Pebble Mine project test drill in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska near the village of Iliamma.

Pebble assumes Alaskans will forget Northern Dynasty's past promises and will change their view on a project that a majority of Alaskans don't want, going as far as grossly exaggerating the very. The Pebble Partnership maintains an operations base in Iliamna, Alaska with full-time staff responsible for care and maintenance of Pebble Project equipment, facilities and installations.

Each. At the same time, Alaska voters chose a new governor in Mike Dunleavy who has been steadfast in support of a fair and comprehensive review process for all development projects in Alaska, including the Pebble Project.

EPA Takes Step to Restrict Pebble Mine Project in Alaska March 3, // by Jason M. Breslow Educational DVDs of Alaska Gold are available from ShopPBS for Teachers.

Northern Dynasty's Pebble Project is the focus of intense debate. It’s become one of the biggest stories in the natural resource industry. To give you an expert’s perspective on this debate, I sat down face to face and discussed Pebble with the legendary geologist David Lowell.

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