Method statement for demolition

It doesn't make clean cuts. It's a powder that undergoes a violent chemical reaction as seen in the video below. Note how much thermite is used.

Method statement for demolition

Much has been made of Jones' new paper. Some have suggested that I correct the statement that not one paper has been published by conspiracy theoriests to date proving the collapse was a controlled demolition. To be clear, let me restate the test which makes a real scientific paper.

It has to be published in a respected scientific journal. As an example, The Journal of Engineering Mechanics is a well respected scientific journal. The peer review proccess is tough and precise.

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The reviewers are well respected in their fields of expertise. There are many well respected journals which have an impact in the scientific community. Bentham, where Jones has submited his latest paper, is the Wiki of Journals.

They have been critizied in the past for passing "gibberish". Though Jones may have found the perfect home for his latest attempt at peer-review, it is far from a respected scientific journal. Will Jones ever publish in a "respected scientific journal"? Do they want legitimacy or a talking points?

Method statement for demolition

Update on "Iron Spheres" on the bottom of the page. Jones is a professor at Brigham Young University. He has created the paper which has created the ground swell around the conspiracy theories.

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His paper was peer reviewed but not by a civil engineering journal. One would think a serious professor would get his paper peer reviewed by a scientific journal which specializes in the field they are writing the paper on. But is Professor Jones qualified to create a paper which says the towers must have fallen due to explosives?

He is a physics professor but what experience does Jones have in building collapse forensics? His other peer reviewed papers consist of cold fusion technology. He conducts research in nuclear fusion and solar energy. Nothing in his background would suggest he is qualified to write a civil engineering paper on the infinitely complex building collapse of the towers.

Brigham Young University doesn't want anything to do with the paper. A few department chairmen at Jones' university have issued critical statements, though none of these has yet addressed any of the points which Jones made in his paper and at his presentation at BYU. Miller, is on record stating in an e-mail, "I think without exception, the structural engineering professors in our department are not in agreement with the claims made by Jones in his paper, and they don't think there is accuracy and validity to these claims".

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The BYU physics department has also issued a statement: Professor Jones' department and college administrators are not convinced that his analyses and hypotheses have been submitted to relevant scientific venues that would ensure rigorous technical peer review.The demolition of the World Trade Center on with C4 and thermite depended on the concrete core structure.

separate Soft Strip Method Statement. Sectional demolition will follow the asbestos removal and soft strip, most demolition works will be carried out using excavators and water suppression systems at all times, wherever possible The existing foundations will be excavated, refer to the service avoidance plan.

Demolition work is a high risk construction activity, you can use this Building Demolition Method Statement template to plan a safe system of work. This Building Demolition Method Statement template will help you to outline how your demolition work will be carried out in a manner which is safe and without risk to health.

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Method statement for demolition

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