How coke enters the milk market

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How coke enters the milk market

It is popularly believed that marketing is all about selfishness wherein seller seeks to enrich himself at the cost of consumer. However in last couple of decades marketing practice has evolved and companies have begun to put consumer at the center of their marketing efforts.

Accordingly marketing is emerging as a practice directed as satisfying customer or moving them on a higher level of existence by solving their problems making profits in the process as a consequence. But his shift of focus on consumer does not liberate marketing from selfishness or self-gain.

How coke enters the milk market

In consumer centric paradigm, what do marketers offer? The marketers are made subservient to goals that consumers pursue or ends that they want to achieve. Consumer needs and wants present spaces on which brands are created.

Branding mandate is consumer dictated. A brand cannot be anything other than want its target consumers want it to be.

So what do brands offer to their consumers? Brands position themselves as solutions to their problems emanating from their physiological or psyco-social spaces.

Dove prevents damage to hair or skin; Dettol provides hygiene: Amul makes you healthy; LIC covers risk: Brands establish justification by delivering material gains or becoming devices enabling effective negotiation of material world. Rarely do brands tread the non-material or existentialist concerns.

It may be due the fact that existentialist aspects do not translate into sound value propositions. May be being good and doing good make good theoretical sense but do not translate into branding opportunities.

Quite contrary to popular branding practice two brands that have taken the branding appeal to a higher existentialist level are Coke and Cadbury Dairy Milk. Both of these brands have been subtly shifting focus away from the product. Products are a physical construction and hence open to deconstruction and reconstruction.

Objective differentiators are easy to outmatch. And in a reason based environment more is perceived to be better. Competition based on specifications can degenerate into collective annihilation. It creates dog eat dog situation by narrowing consumer focus on to objective product based criteria.

Coke had its own share of product focused branding. But the question is how far these propositions can take the brand.This is because Coke is now talking about milk-based drinks, coffee-based flavours, ice-cream colas, Indianised drink like aam panna and raw apple drink and flavoured water.

ET has learnt that Coke is in a hurry to bring these into India, and some could find their way this summer itself. Real milk. Real sugar.

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The Current Market Scenario of Beverage Industry in Bangladesh Origin of the study The report has been prepared as a pre requirement for the completion of Ph.D program. How Coke Enters the Milk Market. Topics: Advertising, Coke market analysis Name Institution Coke Market Analysis Coke is a carbonated soft drink beverage produced by the Coca-Cola Company.

The Coca- Cola Company . Coca-Cola is entering the dairy sector with its own brand of premium high quality milk called Fairlife, with hopes to revive sales that have flat lined. This report explores the non-alcoholic beverage market. Although the market exhibited signs of coming out the recession; sales in largely remained depressed—growing only % to $ billion during in FDMx.

Coke takes on ‘super milk’