Follow on service project proposal essay

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Follow on service project proposal essay

Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section.

Follow on service project proposal essay

A summary of the conclusions reached follows. And, all processes and components thereof, shall be marked as historical. There is a broad consensus that MEDCOM is akin to a toothless process that hasn't served any practical purpose in the recent spans and that the process of RFCs are far superior and useful, in the locus of resolving content-disputes.

The opposition camp contains some interesting take s on the issue but I am afraid that they have failed to turn the tide in their favor, by a count of heads as well as by a weighing of arguments and corresponding rebuttals. RMClenon, TransporterMan, Coffman et al have argued for MedCom to be sustained in light of the potential of the process to resolve complicated content disputes without delving into conduct but the rebuttals are good-enough.

A few folks Blackmane, AGK, Steven Crossin et al have supported ideas of a reform to increase it's effectiveness but they consist of a diverse bunch of proposals, which has failed to progress anywhere past the brainstorming session s and there is accordingly, an absence of consensus on that locus.

There is also a lack of consensus as to merging this to DRN, despite no rebuttal. Interested people may pursue such ideas separately and present to the community, for an evaluation.

Isaacl's comment at the end of the Extended Discussion section, might be a worthy read: The discusion was not overly long and did not result in any real conclusions, so it seems a formal RFC is advisable to determine consensus on the subject.

I would like to be clear from the outset that this is not intended to attack or disparage the users who have dedicated their time and effort to this project, but rather to ask if the project itself is actually accomplishing anything of real value to Wikipedia overall or if it has become redundant to the point where it should be closed.

Medcom accepts very few cases. The last case accepted was just over a year ago. The other reason cases may not be accepted is that unlike Arbitration cases, Medcom cases require that all parties agree to participate and the decisions reached are not binding. Of the few cases that are accepted, very few succeed at resolving the issue, the last case marked successful was over two years ago.

The process, instead of complementing other dispute resolution procedures, appears to have become redundant to them.

Follow on service project proposal essay

Content disputes, which are all that Medcom handles as opposed to behavioral issues are mostly handled by talk page discussions, content RFCsor WP: DRN Interest in being on the committee is very low.

For the last few years its chairperson has been doing pretty much all the work, which consists almost entirely of rejecting cases as premature. While other, nearly inactive users have indicated their willingness to return to help if a case were to be accepted, it is essentially a one-man project and has been for some time.

Given the previous points, it seems undesirable to have a process where, in the rare case that it actually takes on a case that case is decided either by the same person every time or by users who are mostly inactive on Wikipedia.

For all of these reasons, and again with the upmost respect for those that have striven to keep this project alive, I believe that it is time to admit that this process is almost entirely unused and redundant and to mark it as historical and shut down its mailing list.

It gets a fair amount of requests, but they are never heard, and the community has pretty much moved past centralized content dispute resolution in this manner, preferring talk page RfCs and if need be, an RfC on a policy page or noticeboard. Other forms of dispute resolution have been used in its place for years, with greater effect.

No reason to retain the air of community bureaucracy at a process that is largely maintained by one person. In the end, people have voted with their feet. Home Lander talk TonyBalloni sums it up nicely.

It will be far more work to resurrect this in the future than to let it linger idle for now. MedCom should have some type of reform to be more relevant, but doing it at the barrel of a gun won't work.

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