Customer satisfaction of standard hotels in tagaytay city essay

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Customer satisfaction of standard hotels in tagaytay city essay

Term Papers Tagged With: Looking after guests means doing all the duties required of a rep and others that are specific to the type of customers dealt with. Maximising resort profits is done by advertising and selling extras such as additional trips, ancillary services and other items the guests may want to purchase.

Most frequently sold are travel hire, additional insurance and things the customers may have forgotten to pack such as brushes, toiletries and suncream.

When I should really be spending extra time on the subjects I My "A' is thanks to extra resources and study time in history; the "D' is from lack My dinner guest is university and I am cooking to impress them.

However the gravy that he spent his time on was superb tasting, they did not have Transfers are best booked in advance by the rep to get the best value and also to make sure of availability especially for larger groups. Sometimes more than one coach may be required, other times only a minibus is needed.

Enough space should be left for luggage; this information can be taken from the flight bookings. The money for the transfers needs to be agreed before the individuals pay for it. The total cost is shared out equally between all the guests who are using the transport.

Paperwork such as the confirmation of booking what day and time and how many to be taken from A to B and receipt for the transport need to be brought with the rep to be handed to the driver and an additional copy to be kept by the rep. Sometimes singing or team games are used to create a buzz to start off the holiday.

Also information about the hotel or accommodation is given. A certain time is set for the customers to be down in the lobby or a similar function room in the hotel after they have left their luggage in the rooms. A rep will give the guests an idea of how long the welcome meeting is otherwise some might be tempted to skip it if they think it will be too long.

Customer satisfaction of standard hotels in tagaytay city essay

The welcome meeting will consist of the rep discussing the different features of the hotel recapping if the receptionist has already gone over it and laying out the itinerary for the holiday, including what time meals are served and where to excursions and how much spending money is recommended to bring.

Also other subjects such as safety and the rules of the hotel and the country will be brought up and explained. Likewise any extra points of information are given such as what to do in an emergency, medical info and how to be safe with money, especially if the area is known for pickpockets.

General knowledge such as how much one should expect to pay for drinks or taxi rates. A rep who knows the area well will be able to point out where to get the best deals and where is the best night out on certain days. Growth could also be achieved from offering additional value-added services at their locations, especially if the All these contribute to increasing the probability that a first-time guest will turn into lifetime customers.

Opportunities and Threats The Time and dates are given and also whether they are included in the main package or an additional purchase. This will include which trips and events are free or come with certain holiday packages and which are additional purchases.

Also some local events and places of interest would usually be included. Health and Safety Checks: The places where the customers will go such as the hotel, day visits and local area will need to be checked out by the rep beforehand for any health and safety issues and minimise the risk and have the guests informed of how to keep safe.

First Aid should always be kept with the Rep and on each premise if possible. Each day a Travel Rep has several properties worth of customers to look after and these requires the Rep to go personally to each hotel and each house to check on how the guests are doing, answer any questions and solve problems, keeping them informed and updated on the activities and visits.

Finally the Rep will try to promote any additionals they can sell such as excursions and toiletries. A Rep makes commission on any additionals they sell.Out of actual guest reviews, our business hotels in Tagaytay have an average rating of Sometimes, events can take over a city so make sure you get the room you want and book now!

What are the most popular business hotels in Tagaytay right now? The study is limited to six (6) standard hotels accredited by Department of Tourism in Tagaytay City.

Customer satisfaction of standard hotels in tagaytay city essay

They are the respondents of the study. They will evaluate and analyze the whole production of standard hotel in Tagaytay city. Customer Satisfaction of Standard Hotels in Tagaytay City.

Filed Under: Term Papers Tagged With: hotel. 4 pages, words The Essay on Hotel Services (, ) One of the famous tourist destinations is Tagaytay City. In order for the place to accommodate guests; they have nine hotels that were accredited by .

ROOM ACCOMODATIONS: Choose from among our Standard, VIP and Deluxe rooms to guarantee a good night’s rest which Came with the following standard amenities and options coupled with our high standards of cleanliness, Comfort, and Security for the best in customer value and satisfaction.

Practicum Report Example. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print. with 68 rooms the hotel is rated as Standard Hotel by the DOT and 4 star hotel rate by the Philippine Travel and Tours Inc. for its amenities and services. Tagaytay City is considered as the "second summer capital" of the country next to Baguio City because 3/5(2).

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