Clark essay expedition lewis

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Clark essay expedition lewis

While contemporary fascination with the expedition has expanded to encompass a vast number of specialized areas, research about the enlisted men who accompanied Lewis and Clark remains less prevalent.

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More can be learned about Sergeant John Ordway, one of the most valued members of the journey, by piecing together the textual fragments about his life and by recognizing the significant insights into his personality that are revealed through his journal writing.

Students studying aspects of the Lewis and Clark journals or the expedition as a whole have been blessed by a generous outpouring of insightful books, articles, interactive compact disks, web sites, and videos.

For the researcher wishing to learn more about Corps of Discovery members besides the Captains and Sacagawea, Clark essay expedition lewis, there is considerably less material. Prominent scholars seem acutely aware of this deficiency. Born around in Dumbarton, New Hampshire, Ordway was one of ten children where he stood in age or relationship to the other nine, we do not know.

Clark essay expedition lewis

Wheeler traces his ancestry to a James Ordway, who emigrated from either England or Wales to Newbury, Massachusetts, sometime between and 1: Like the letter to his brother, this letter is also addressed to Hebron, New Hampshire.

These surviving letters reveal glimpses into the personality of the man who would quickly become the top sergeant in the Corps of Discovery. To his brother, Ordway comes across playful and dramatic, yet he also reveals his loneliness. Or have you never received any letters from me? He concludes by mentioning receiving a letter from Betsey, but in a telling omission, does not tell his parents of his wish to marry her.

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Judging from these letters, Ordway seems confident and adventurous; just the man Lewis and Clark would need to rely on. As evidenced in his letter writing and his journal entries, Ordway clearly had some education before joining the army.

Where he attended school, what he studied, and for how long, scholars do not seem to know. They do agree, as Irving W. Both Wheeler and Charles G. Clarke also describe Ordway as well educated.

The mysterious part of this letter is Mrs. Scholars cite this amount repeatedly, such as Anderson 1Jackson I: Morris believes Ordway joined the army around 30but his exact enlistment date has not been found.

Scholars resoundingly agree that the captains thought exceptionally highly of Ordway, not only in the beginning months of preparation at Camp du Bois, but throughout the expedition. In one notable incident in late FebruaryLewis and Clark both left the camp, and as usual, placed Ordway in charge.

Reuben Field refused to stand guard duty, and John Shields encouraged his insubordination. The sergeant somehow managed to keep the rowdy men from firing their loaded guns, and when the captains returned, Stephen E.

In addition to food distribution, Ordway created the guard duty schedule and kept the orderly books. One can see how seriously he took his responsibility in both of these tasks throughout his journal entries.

For instance, he repeatedly records how the bitterly cold —6 winter at Fort Mandan affected the men on guard duty. It does not even appear in the Orderly Book. Clearly, he would not have let any disobedience, however small, remain undocumented.

Historians refer to two specific incidents which illustrate how seriously Lewis and Clark relied on Sergeant Ordway. The first occurred from May 27 to June 2,while the expedition remained at Camp Chopunnish in Idaho, waiting for the snow to melt in the Bitterroot Mountains. With their men short on food, the captains ordered Ordway, along with Privates Wiser and Fraizer, to ride from the Clearwater River to the Snake River, in search of salmon.

Ordway married at some point. It is unclear if Ordway married twice, or if his wife used two names or if one of the accounts is incorrect. In any case, Morris is quick to point out that this Betsey is not the same Betsey Crosby that Ordway mentioned in the letter to Stephen, for Miss Crosby married and died before Ordway returned from the expedition.

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Historians do agree that as in his army career, Ordway soon distinguished himself in civilian life by becoming a wealthy landowner. Both Quaife and Morris quote a letter Ordway wrote to Stephen on November 15,in which he again begins by humorously berating his brother for his poor correspondence skills.

During this period, Ordway bought and sold land, became a constable in New Madrid for a short time, and frequently appeared in court as a plaintiff and a defendant.

These initial quakes were followed by two more in the following six weeks, and Morris estimates the magnitude of all five to be between 8. Such severe quakes had immense impact on the residents of this small Missouri town. Between and 1, people lost their lives in these earthquakes.

Interestingly, Quaife, Clarke, and Cutright all believe Ordway and his wife died inleaving no children. Whether he died with his wife or alone, Ordway would have been about The cause and exact date of his death are unknown, as is the place of his burial. The Expedition of Lewis and Clark Anthony Price 1/13/14 NIC History Long before Thomas Jefferson was the President of the United States he had aspirations to know what was beyond the Mississippi River.

The purchase of the Louisiana Territory from the French in opened the door to President Jefferson’s opportunity to send explorers across the continent. Lewis & Clark Expedition essay writing service, custom Lewis & Clark Expedition papers, term papers, free Lewis & Clark Expedition samples, research papers, help.

Custom Lewis and Clark Essay Writing Service || Lewis and Clark Essay samples, help Introduction These two gentlemen set out on an expedition where they wanted to explore the land from Washington across the Louisiana Purchase and end their expedition in the Pacific Ocean.

August We Proceeded On! 1 Contents Letters: Neglected classics; Charbonneau; fire paths; river source 2 President’s Message: A productive year in the cause of L&C 4 Bicentennial Council: Nurturing our ties to nature 5 Trail Notes: Staying adaptable, working together 6 Peripatetic Billy 8 Years before he explored the West, young William Clark was a man on the move.

Geographic discovery was an essential goal that Jefferson set for the expedition. Lewis and Clark recorded a wealth of scientific knowledge as they noted significant geographic features, made detailed route maps, and recorded their observations of longitude and latitude.4/4(1). Read reviews, watch trailers and clips, find showtimes, view celebrity photos and more on MSN Movies.

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