Be a smart customer

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Be a smart customer

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Artificial intelligence AIand more specifically machine learning, is more relevant than ever with more and more businesses investing in new technologies that connect them with their customers in real-time to provide better, more efficient services.

Delivering a superior customer experience must involve a balance between the productivity and speed of tech and the empathy, emotion, and complex problem solving that humans can provide.

Automation not domination Some people are fearful that AI will render their careers obsolete and remove them from the workforce. If businesses are to avoid the risk Be a smart customer alienating and losing customers, maintaining these human relationships will be critical.

The purpose of AI is not to remove customer service agents, but rather to enhance their interactions with customers, eliminating monotonous tasks and freeing up valuable time.

Be a smart customer

Humans will remain at the core of great customer service — but only by playing to their strengths and using artificial intelligence to augment their skills. In the relationship economy, personal engagement and conversations rather than transactions are critical to ensuring repeat purchases and ultimate improvements.

Machine learning can lay the foundations but businesses still need the humans who can build on this. Customer service gets smart The overall volume of interactions is rapidly increasing, as consumers have more questions about the products and services that they are using, and expect more from the brands that they deal with.

Machine learning can be used to drive efficiency and speed up service. A customer may be suggested an existing answer immediately or a customer can be immediately directed to the right staff member with the relevant expertise to deal with their problem.

Understanding consumer behaviour has always been central to providing a high standard of customer service. These standards are measured by how close a company can get to the consumer. Over the phone and with online chat, it can be more challenging. Essentially, AI takes the emotion out of processes to put intelligence at the heart of the customer-organisation relationship, providing intuitive results quickly and conveniently.

Human versus bot Nothing annoys customers more than speaking to a customer service agent who cannot provide definitive or consistent answers to their enquiries.

With the expectation that information should be easily accessed online and the consumer desire to self-serve where possible, there is a growing dislike for the need to connect with live customer support for simple matters. However, bots bring tremendous potential to specific tasks where they are particularly well suited —the level of maturity, in terms of big data and natural language processing is becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of automating increasingly complex interactions.

By using bots, companies not only augment the capability of their agents and reduce their workload, but also create much better user experiences, they do this by making it easier and convenient for customers to communicate with brands, streamlining interactions, and providing relevant information at the right time.

Blended approach is best: In these cases, a bot can provide a great self-service experience and free up human time to focus on interactions where they are necessary. Successful automation relies on brands actively applying the appropriate level of automation versus augmentation.

The future of customer service There is no one size fits all for customer service, or any single platform that works for every customer and businesses need to ensure they are providing the kind of service that consumers want and need.

Brands will need to bring together humans and technology, with simple interactions handled automatically by bots, and machine learning supporting agents when they are having more complex conversations with consumers.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the enterprise If organisations remove personal connections, at best, they risk missing critical opportunities, and at worst, damaging customer relationships.

Machine learning is here to stay and for certain interactions, customers prefer the convenience of automation for its ease and speed.

“We went from about 3 million in sales to about 5!”

Machine learning and bots will become more proficient at dealing with complex enquiries, and in some cases, pre-empting customer enquiries with proactive communication.

Today, consumers expect help in real-time and machine learning is enabling this as we become embedded in new channels of communication. Businesses that can embrace this change and tailor their customer experience with more proactive, instant, and targeted support will be rewarded with customer trust and loyalty.© Smart Energy Systems.

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