Altoids case

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Altoids case

Marketing[ edit ] Altoids are less widely available in Britain —their country of origin—than in the US to which they are exported.

Altoids case

The mints are stocked in Morrisons. This was done to manufacture the products closer to where they are primarily marketed. Indark chocolate -dipped mints were introduced in three flavours: The chocolate dipped varieties were discontinued in Circa earlyAltoids altered the ingredients of their Wintergreen mints, adding blue food colouring.

Altoids case

Altoid mints labeled "sugar-free smalls" contain gelatin. Sours[ edit ] Sour hard sweets in round tins were introduced Altoids case but were discontinued in due to low sales.

Limited edition passion fruit sours were also released around Valentine's Day in in a larger 2. Gum[ edit ] The sugar-free chewing gumintroduced inwas made in the United States.

Flavours include peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint, wintergreen and two sour flavours, cherry and apple. The gum has not been seen in stock in US stores since January and has been discontinued.

They were discontinued and are no longer available. Altoids Arctic[ edit ] InEclipse Mints, another Wrigley product, were rebranded as Altoids Arctic, with the tin remaining identical save for labeling.

The rebranded mints were released in only Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Strawberry, doing away with the wider varieties of Eclipse such as Cinnamon, Winterfrost and several other flavors, as well as the chewables.

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As before, each tin contains 1. Altoids tins[ edit ] The distinctive tin cases in which Altoids mints are packaged are often reused for other purposes. They have long served as containers for household items like paper clips, coins, sewing materials and other small items.

BeagleBonea single-board computer made by Texas Instrumentsis deliberately shaped with rounded corners to fit inside the tin. This produced fingerprint sample data that was used in the experiment. Winners have their art exhibited at the museum after the rigorous selection process is completed.The draw of the transformed Altoids tin, like the draw one feels towards, say, a secret book safe, is hard to put your finger on.

Part of it is the satisfying challenge of fitting as much as possible into a small space. Altoids Case v Battery Case with 3 batteries 2 small metal plates Any kind of insulated gloves Wire equivalent to your torso up capacitors Camera Circuit Post it or similar insulator Tools: Fan Soldering Iron Glue Gun sparker (something to discharge the capacitors).

Good for diabetics as they are sugar free. Not as strong as the original Altoids. These use both Sorbitol and Sucralose for sweetening, and there is a slight bit of artificial sweetener aftertaste which I . Top 50 Ways To Reuse Altoids Tins October 19, by Cathy You can recycle them, throw them in the recycle bin- but just in case you wanted to know how to reuse Altoid tins or for that matter any mint tins.

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Altoids are a brand of breath brand was created by the London-based Smith & Company in the s, and later became part of the Callard & Bowser company in the 19th advertising slogan is "The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints", referring to the high concentration of peppermint oil used in the original flavour lozenge.

Jun 29,  · How to Reuse an Empty Altoids Tin. Altoids candy comes in a variety of small, sturdy metal tins that invite creative reuse.

We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, Make an iPod shuffle case from a chewing gum tin. A hole can be made for the headphone cord.


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