A discussion of marijuana and comparing both sides of its legalization debate

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A discussion of marijuana and comparing both sides of its legalization debate

July 5, by Partnership News Service Staff International drug-control policies need to be reformed and the solution to growing drug trafficking and related crime lies in recognizing drugs as a health problem — one that can be prevented, treated and controlled — but not legalizing and taxing drugs, according to a new report from the United National Office on Drugs and Crime UNODC.

Should marijuana be legalized in Mass.? Both sides to debate Question 4 - The Boston Globe Liberty does not necessarily equal good.
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World Drug Report praised drug decriminalization policies enacted in Portugal, where possession remains illegal but users face only civil, not criminal penalties. Costa, who unveiled the report during a Washington, D.

Legalization is not a magic wand that would suppress both mafias and drug abuse. Societies should not have to choose between protecting public health or public security: Quite the contrary, we are demanding that governments replace the failed policy of prohibition with a system that actually regulates and controls drugs, including their purity and prices, as well as who produces them and who they can be sold to.

But on the other hand he offers facile arguments dismissing the need for serious debate on alternative drug policies. The document did not call for full drug legalization, however, suggesting that perhaps the daylight between drug-policy reformers and international drug-control officials may be narrowing despite the harsh rhetoric from both sides.

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Marking World Drug Day on June 26, Costa noted that 5 million people die annually from tobacco use and 2 million die each year from drinking alcohol, while onlydie from illicit-drug use.

Costa and Kerlikowske both said that investing more resources in drug treatment and prevention was the best strategy for reducing demand and, ultimately, drug trafficking and profits.

A discussion of marijuana and comparing both sides of its legalization debate

Other report recommendations include international agreements against organized crime and greater efficiency in law enforcement. Globally, the markets for cocaine, opiates and marijuana are either holding steady or in decline, according to the U.

A discussion of marijuana and comparing both sides of its legalization debate

Costa said that credit is due to international efforts to control the international drug market. This may help explain the gruesome upsurge of violence in countries like Mexico. In Central America, cartels are fighting for a shrinking market. Costa endorsed the recent shift in antidrug strategy in Afghanistan by the Obama administration, which now plans to focus on interdicting heroin shipments and economic development rather than trying to eradicate poppy crops.The student should understand the arguments on both sides of the aisles and be able articulate arguments for or against marijuana prohibition.

Wrap Up. The course will end with a discussion of where marijuana law is heading. This is a post about marijuana legalization and you have turned it into marijuana being a gateway drug to heroin.

There is no scientific evidence of this and I have asked you to provide information. Marijuana continues to be a topic of conversation in social media and in the news here in Maine and across the U.S. If you spend any time following the various threads of discussion on this topic, you will often see one thread comparing alcohol and marijuana.

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Stop comparing it to marijuana. Anyone who takes the time to educate themselves knows this will help people and it’s the right way to go." Lucas' strategy has been simple: overwhelm his opposition with education, facts and emotion.

Jan 21,  · Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Peacefullbuddah, Jan 16 so many activists have a logical debate mapped out to have a counter point for anything anti-pot propagandists have to offer.

Bankers who make loans to countries (they make loans to both sides btw) and charge interest. 9/11 gave the government a "get away with.

May 22,  · (05/22/) There was an editorial in my morning paper today indicating that opposed to the days of yore, the marijuana in the possession of people today contains about twenty-five times the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Marijuana – Good or Evil? Hear Both Sides of the Story